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General Information

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General Information

The first screen that appears in Ultra Screen Saver Maker is designed for entering basic information about the screen saver you would like to create. Here, you can enter the screen saver’s name, a short description of it, as well as the author’s name.

In Screen Saver Name field you should type name of your screen saver. Author Name is reserved for your name. If you are registered user, your name will be shown in that field automatically. Screen Saver Description is a field where you can type a few words about your screen saver.

Exit Condition gives ability to choose the type of activity that will stop screen saver execution. It can be:

  • Keyboard button or Mouse move (default setting)
  • Keyboard button
  • Mouse move
  • Mouse button
  • ESC keyboard button

Changing Exit condition to value other than the default setting is interesting when screen saver requires some user interaction, or having hyperlink in text messages.

Use multiple monitors as independent displays is related to multiple monitor configurations and lets you choose whether each monitor will behave independently or act as a single extended display.

Show mouse cursor controls the visibility of mouse cursor while screen saver running.

Footer is static text, visible all the time, centered, at the bottom of the screen. You can change its font and color, and insert special symbols.

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