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Movies can be added to your screen saver as well. Ultra Screen Saver Maker supports AVI, WMV and MPEG videos and can display them in different sizes.

List of Movies is a list of the movies used in the screen saver. Double-click on any movie to see its preview in the lower right corner.

Add… – Insert video files into your screen saver project.

Remove – If you change your mind about some video file, you can remove it from the list using this button.

Up – Shift selected movie one place up in the List of Movies.

Down – Shift selected movie one place down in the List of Movies.

Play – Start playing selected movie and see it in a preview window in the lower right corner. You can use slider above Play button to adjust which part of the movie is being played.

Use Pause after movie to set duration in seconds between changing different movies on the screen.

Use Duration of effects to specify duration of transition effects between two movies. To entirely disable effects set to zero (0).

Use Movie size to select movie resizing model:

  • Original size – The same size as original
  • Zoom To Fit – Enlarge movie to fit window if necessary
  • Shrink to Fit – Reduce movie to fit window if necessary
  • Shrink or Zoom to Fit (default) – Enlarge or reduce movie to fit window as necessary
  • Stretch – Stretch movie to fit window without constraining proportions
  • Double size – Enlarge movie twice
  • Full screen – Enlarge or reduce movie, then crop it if necessary, to occupy full screen

To randomly position the movie on the screen check Random position.

Check Shuffle images to display movies in a random order. Otherwise they will be displayed in top to bottom order as shown in the List of Movies.

If you have added audio files in your screen saver project, they can be used as a background sound while the screen saver is playing video files, or you can suppress background sound when movie itself has sound using Mute background sound option.

Background of Movies – See Background of Movies section.

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