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Creating your first screensaver

With Live Screensaver Creator you can add any keyword or web site and make your own screensaver. Let’s do it step by step and create simple and basic one…

Start from the scratch

  1. Open Live Screensaver Creator to begin creating new project
  2. Click on the edit box below “Display images in screensaver having keyword”
  3. Type any keyword, e.g. sunset at beach, then click Add button

Test your first screensaver

Ok, now you can test your first screensaver. Click Test button (at the bottom left).

Do you like it?

Maybe you want different images to be displayed?

Double click existing keyword in the list, change it, click Replace… Test it again until it fits all your needs.

That’s it

• Save the project using Save button, so you can change it later when necessary.

• Click “Create” button (at the bottom left) to make screensaver installation file or “Make default” to set as default system screensaver.

What’s next?

You can modify screensaver, create another one, send it to your friends, business partners, relatives…

Or you can put it on your web site as a gift to your visitors…

Be creative! Grab the tool and make the best screensaver ever!

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