Creating your first screen saver

Creating your first screen saver

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Creating your first screen saver

With Ultra Screen Saver Maker you can add images, sounds, movies, animations and text and generate your own screen saver. Let’s do it step by step and create simple and basic one…

Start from the scratch

  • Open Ultra Screen Saver Maker and go to File menu/New to begin creating new project
  • Click General icon (graphical menu on the left side)
    • Fill in “Screen Saver Name” field, e.g. “My first screen saver”
    • Write your name in “Author Name” field
    • Put short description of screen saver in “Screen Saver Description” field, e.g. “This is my demo screen saver.”
  • Click Images icon
    • Press “Add” button and find folder with images on your hard drive
    • Add several images (or as many as you like)
  • Click Sounds icon
    • The process is the same as for images (you can add MP3, WAV or MIDI sounds using Add button)
  • Click Movies icon. Add AVI, WMV or MPEG video files.
  • Would you like to add text to your screen saver? Maybe your name, message, something else? You can. Click on Text icon and enter text in the box on the right. Press Add button.
  • Want screensaver based on keywords of your choice or on your favorite websites? Click Web icon to add them.

Test your first screen saver

Ok, now you can test your first screen saver. Press Test button (on the bottom right or use File menu/Test screen saver).

Do you like it?

Maybe there are too many images?

Or MP3 is too short, or too long?

Or you mistyped your name in text?

Go back, change it, remove files, add something else, enter new text message… Test it again until it fits all your needs.

That’s it

  • Save the project (File menu/Save), so you can change it later when necessary.
  • Press Make button (on the bottom right or use File menu/Make screen saver). Create screen saver as .exe file.
  • Double click on exe file. You can install it, as would regular user do.

What’s next?

You can modify screen saver, create another one, send it to your friends, business partners, relatives…

You can sell it, or put it on your web site as a gift to your visitors…

Play with Ultra Screen Saver Maker, make pet screen saver, holiday screen saver, happy screen saver, crazy screen saver, personal screen saver, Happy New Year screen saver, your favorite movie screen saver, “me, myself and I” screen saver, Sweet home Alabama screen saver, underwater screen saver…

Be creative! Grab the tool and make the best screen saver ever!

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