Program Interface

Program Interface

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Program Interface

The main screen that appears in Live Screensaver Creator is designed for entering all of the information necessary to create screensaver using keywords or web pages.

Screensaver type lets you choose screensaver type:

  • Web pages slideshow.
  • Images based on keyword – screensaver will be image slideshow having keyword you specify,

Add Web site or page into a screensaver – Type web site address (e.g. www.finalhit.com) and then click Add button to insert it into a List of Web pages.

Image slideshow RSS feed – Select which RSS feed from the list will be used for image search for keywords.

Display images in screensaver having keyword – Type keywords to slideshow images based on it (e.g. “sunset over ocean”), then click Add button to insert it into a List of keywords.

List of Web pages is a list of the web addresses used in the screensaver.

List of keywords is a list of keywords used in the screensaver. For best results we recommend using single line containing keywords or phrase.

Edit – Change currently selected keyword or web site address.

Remove – If you change your mind about some keyword or web site, you can remove it from the list using this button.

Move Up – Shift selected page one place up in the list.

Move Down – Shift selected page one place down in the list.

Use Image/Page display interval to set duration in seconds between changing different images or pages on the screen. To entirely disable it set to zero (0).

Check Shuffle pages/images to display pages or images in a random order. Otherwise they will be displayed in top to bottom order as shown in the list.

Exit Condition gives ability to choose the type of activity that will stop screensaver execution. It can be:

  • Keyboard button or Mouse move (default setting)
  • Keyboard button
  • Mouse move
  • Mouse button
  • ESC keyboard button

Changing Exit condition to value other than the default setting is interesting when want to allow web surfing.

Multiple monitors – Select how to display screensaver on multiple monitors configurations. Available options are:

  • Run on each monitor (default setting)
  • Use primary monitor only
  • Single extended display

Buy Now! – Open a purchasing page on Live Screensaver Creator website.

At the bottom of the user interface there are couple of functional buttons:

Test – Use this button to see how your screensaver will look like. Test version will not be installed on the computer.

Make default – Set as default system screensaver.

Create – Create screensaver. See Creating Screensaver section.

About – Show information about software.

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