Weather forecast is a technology that can assist the user about the weather condition in their town. Not only your city, but you can know the atmosphere of any location on the planet Earth.

There are many application available that can help you out in this matter. However, not all the weather forecast applications are worth using. A large group of whether forecast apps shows the wrong result, which makes it difficult for the user to find the best forecast application.

To make thing easier for you, we have come up with a “Real Weather” application for iOS and Andriod that represents a live weather predictor. The Real Weather app utilizes different unique techniques to offer the best possible result to the user.


Real Weather is a weather forecast application that delivers many features related to weather forecast results. It predicts the upcoming weather with minimum error. This application allows the user an option to know either the next 48-hour weather of the upcoming 14 days weather.

The application asks the user to select their location after initializing it so that it can manage the weather forecast of the user’s location.

Other than your location, you can also choose some random place and get the weather forecast result for that particular area. Besides this, it allows the user to know about the Sunrise and Sunset time of that specific location.

Real Weather application additionally shows the maximum as well as the minimum temperature of an area at particular interval of time.

Moreover, you can also know the wind speed at that particular place at a specific time. On the other hand, this app also provides data about the Humidity, Dew point, and the pressure at that area.

All the information provided by this application is up-to-date and live. It also shows the location time of the place you choose.  You must try this thing out to know the same atmosphere condition of your town; you will surely love using it.

How to get Real Weather app?

Real Weather application is available for both Andriod and iOS platforms. Both versions are free, so you don’t need to bother about paying even a single penny to experience the weather forecast service. So if you want to find the weather condition within your town, or some other place in the world, then you should seek help from this app.

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