Text Messages

Text Messages

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Text Messages

Using Ultra Screen Saver Maker you can create screen saver with text messages you like, or simply display current date and time.

List of Text messages is a list of all text messages used in the screen saver.

Use Enter text field to enter new or edit existing text message. See Entering Text section.

Insert date or time – Box to select which special date and time symbols to insert into Enter text field.

Import – Import text messages from the file to the list.

Export – Export text messages into the file.

Add – Use this button to insert text message from the Enter text field to the list.

Accept – Accept changes made to text message and put it back to the list.

Edit – Change selected message from the list.

Cancel edit – Cancel the ongoing change of the message.

Remove – Remove selected message from the list.

Up – Shift selected message one place up in the List of Text messages.

Down – Shift selected message one place down in the List of Text messages.

Clear all – Remove all messages from the list.

When you add at least one text message and click on it, program will enable Text message properties for selected message.

Font – Select the font, style and size for the current message.

Color – Choose the color of the message.

Select Effect – Choose the effect for the message. Below this box you will find some additional settings per effect, like position of the text on the screen, text direction, etc.

Use Duration of effects to specify duration of effect for selected message.

Check Shuffle text to display messages in a random order. Otherwise they will be displayed in top to bottom order as shown in the List of Text messages.

To associate text with all images, movies and animations use Synchronize with objects. This is useful for creating captions.

To display specific text messages along with images, you should have the same number of text messages as the number of images. Then uncheck “Shuffle images” in Images tab and check “Synchronize with objects” in Text tab. Optionally you can uncheck “Random position” and change Image size to “Shrink or Zoom to Fit” in Images tab and for every text message change effect to “No effect” and Effect properties X: “In middle” and Y: “On bottom” in Text tab.

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