Screen saver makers from Finalhit – like no other

Though a basic component of any computer, screen saver can set any computer apart from others due to its creativity, design and the message it carries. With so much importance attached to it, you can ignore it at your own peril. In order to design an impressive screen saver that puts forward the message, you must trust no one but Ultra Screen Saver Maker.

With more than 500,000 downloads, you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands when you opt for Ultra Screen Saver Maker. Whether you are an individual or a company, Finalhit’s Ultra Screen Saver Maker has a wide range of options to satisfy all your needs. If you are a company and want to advertise a new product or a new offer, you can use the Ultra Screen Saver Maker to put your point forward. You can also display your company logo and spread word of mouth about your organization, with the help of your new screen saver. Some of the best known companies in the world are using the Finalhit’s Ultra Screen Saver Maker to give shape to their marketing and advertising campaigns.

If you are an individual, the new screen saver made using Ultra Screen Saver Maker can be a great way to show your favourite set of photos or videos to your relatives or friends who have come over to your place. You can also make use of the Live Screensaver Creator to make your screen saver using your favourite set of websites or the keyword search. Live Screensaver Creator also comes with a 21 day free trial period. Even after this period is over, you would still have a 30 day return policy when you can ask for a refund in case it doesn’t fall into your expectations.

Using our screen saver makers doesn’t require you to have any programming skills. You can test screen savers at any time and can be easily distributed free of cost to multiple users.

All the major internal protocols including file transfer protocol, hypertext transfer protocol, local or network files and secure hypertext transfer protocol are supported by the Live Screensaver Creator.

Our screen saver makers have passed the Microsoft designed tests and hence are ready to be used on all Windows versions.

Ultra Screen Saver Maker comes with a display interval option which enables you to set the slide show as per your requirements. The video tutorials available on our website would give you a fair idea about how to use it and all the features it offers.