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Frequently Asked Questions

Purchase information

Why should I buy Live Screensaver Creator?
By registering our software you will get:

  • No unregistered message on generated screensavers
  • Unlimited use of product
  • Free minor version upgrade
  • Major version upgrade discount
  • Development of even better product

How can I buy Live Screensaver Creator?
Visit Live Screensaver Creator purchase page.

Can I install Live Screensaver Creator on more than one computer?
If you want to use Live Screensaver Creator on several computers, you need to purchase a separate license for each computer. That means you need license for every computer where Live Screensaver Creator itself is installed. Created screen savers can be installed on any number of computers for free.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept credit credits, PayPal, bank/wire transfer, check/money order and purchase order, all available from purchase page.

I bought Live Screensaver Creator. When will I receive program?
We do not send Live Screensaver Creator by e-mail, but registration code. You should download the program from our website.

I want to get Live Screensaver Creator on CD. How can I order it?
CD delivery is available for additional charge. You should select such option during the purchase process. When you download Live Screensaver Creator you can always make backup on CD, USB or other medium.


How do I locate the program? It does not show up on my hard drive or desktop?
If you downloaded Live Screensaver Creator, there should be lsc-setup.exe file on you hard disk. If you erased it by mistake, download it again from our website.

License and Registration

Do you require royalties on screensavers created with Live Screensaver Creator?
We do not require royalties or claim any rights on screensavers you create. As a registered user you are entitled to distribute screensavers you make for free.

I would like to sell screensavers to people and businesses. Does your license cover this?
You can sell created sceensavers if you use your own websites in it. Otherwise you should comply with Terms of Use of web pages and RSS feeds (for keyword based screensaver) you are using to create screensaver. Generally, websites and RSS feeds are limited to personal, non-commercial use. Also, images displayed in keyword based screensaver may be copyrighted by their respective authors. For more information set Exit condition to “ESC button”, click Test and visit “Terms of Use”, “Terms of Service” or similar link at the bottom of created screensaver.

When do I receive registration code?
You will receive your unique Registration code as soon as payment is processed. This usually takes couple of minutes. Then you will simply enter your name and the registration code in the program registration form and Live Screensaver Creator will be all yours.

I have lost my registration code. How do I get it?
If you have lost your registration code fill out the form.

Once I buy the product, I get a code to register it. What would happen if I had to reinstall it on my PC?
When you reinstall Live Screensaver Creator you’ll enter your registration code again and continue using software.

I have registered Live Screensaver Creator, but still seeing unregistered message running across the screen.
If you can find your name in About window, then you have successfully registered Live Screensaver Creator. If you still experience unregistered message running across the screen, you have to rebuild all the screensavers you built before you typed in the registration code. This will be a quick job if you save the screensaver project for each screensaver as you make them.


What type of websites does Live Screensaver Creator support?
Live Screensaver Creator supports the following Internet protocols:

  • HTTP used by standard websites,
  • HTTPS used by encrypted websites,
  • FTP used by websites for transferring files,
  • FILE scheme used by local or network files.

How does keyword based screensaver work?
Live Screensaver Creator is a RSS reader, passing keywords to selected RSS feed and displaying results as an image slideshow. Keyword based screensaver is limited to personal, non-commercial use. Terms of Use of selected RSS feed apply.

Is there a limit in number of keywords when creating screensaver?
For best results we recommend using single line containing keywords or phrase. Although there is no restriction in number of entered keywords, probably there will be no images on the Internet containing all of them.

Is there a limit in number of web sites or size when creating screensaver?
There are no restrictions in number of web pages in generated screensaver – it depends on CPU power and configuration you are working on.

Does Live Screensaver Creator recognize images and videos?
Live Screensaver Creator supports all file types Internet Explorer opens, including images and videos.

Is there a way to extract a list of web pages or keywords from the screensaver after it has been created?
It is not possible to extract a list of web pages nor keywords from generated screensaver. You should always keep a backup copy of project file (.lsc) so you can recreate screensaver later.

Is there any other limit for keyword based screensavers?
We reserve the right to limit the number of queries. If such thing happens, please contact us.

Generated screensavers

If I create a screensaver for someone, do they need to have Live Screensaver Creator to see it?
Each screensaver created using Live Screensaver Creator is a stand-alone installation package. It contains everything needed to run. Meaning anybody will be able to see and install generated screensavers without Live Screensaver Creator itself.

How can I set the password for the screensaver?
To password protect the screensaver do the following:

  1. Right click on Desktop
  2. Choose Properties or Personalize and then Screensaver
  3. In the Screensaver drop down list, click on the screensaver you want to use.
  4. Check “On resume, password protect” or “On resume, display logon screen”

Can I put generated screensaver on my website for people to download?
Yes, using Live Screensaver Creator you can create an executable version of screensaver, easy to download and install.

What is .lsc file?
.lsc file is Live Screensaver Creator project file that contains a list of web pages and settings used for creating screensaver. It is not screensaver itself. You can open and edit such projects (files with .lsc extension) in Live Screensaver Creator only.

How can I edit a screensaver (.scr or .exe file) I created?
It is not possible to edit or change already generated screensaver (.scr or .exe files), but Live Screensaver Creator projects (.lsc files) only. You should save a project file before you build the screensaver using the Save button in Live Screensaver Creator, and you will be able to open it and change later on. A screensaver project is a .lsc file which contains all the data necessary to create your screensaver again.

Will generated screensavers work on a Apple Macintosh?
No, sorry. They will work on Microsoft Windows operating systems only.

Can I install generated screensaver as Windows default without displaying dialog box first?
In order to have silent installation (without user interaction) as Windows default screensaver, use /verysilent switch when starting self-installing screensaver. E.g. if you have created a file test.exe, use “test.exe /verysilent”.

I am seeing blank white screen when testing screen saver?
Please reset Internet Explorer settings.


I want a new feature implemented in Live Screensaver Creator. Can you please do it?
A Live Screensaver Creator wish-list exists. You are welcome to send us any suggestion, we will add them to wish-list and consider for implementation in the next release.

Report a problem running Live Screensaver Creator
Please fill out the form and we’ll investigate the problem.

Still cannot find the answer?
Contact us, we’ll be glad to help.

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